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Did Army Red Tape Contribute to a

Deadly 1994 Helicopter Shoot Down Over North Korea?

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Are North Korean Tunnel Masters Advising Hamas?

North Korea Sending Missiles to Hamas, Iran and Hezbollah?

Does President Obama Want to Strip GIs in Korea of their Defensive Land Mines?

DMZ Incidents
"The Bridge of No Return:" 1984

Veterans: The Video Below Explains the Korea Defense Service Media (KDSM)

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British Troops in the DMZ Conflict:

Brits in Korea 1956 & Imjin River. See it here


Click Here to Learn about North Korea's "Human Bombs"

1962 on the DMZ:

a More Dangerous and Eventful Year than Many Realize

Read About the Incidents in the transcript of tense MAC meeting.

Review the declassified intel file on a North Korean kidnap team.

Long Before the 2013 North Korean Detention of Merrill Newman,

There Were the Ashley Five

Americans Confirmed Alive in North Korean Hands But Never Returned

Newman Was Returned, They Never Were

An Intriguing Connection Between the Incidents
Gilbert Ashley & Hidemaro Ishada: Never Returned by North Korea
Gilbert Ashley & Hidemaro Ishada: Never Returned by North Korea
LA Times article on secret guerrilla unit behind Pyongyang's detention of Merrill Newman; includes our analysis of North Korean reaction... See the previously secret US documents on this unit here.

Click Here For Secret Documents on US Guerrilla Operations

 Linked to Korean War Vet Merrill Newman's Detention in North Korea

Plus Why Pyongyang Would Imprison an American Senior Citizen

Many US Files About Korean War Special Operations During and After the Korean War Remain Classified

We've Been Trying to Get Them for Years

Below is a Still-Classified Report from 1955 Concerning a Follow-On Unit Related to the One Merrill Newman Served in

RoK Troops Track North Korean Infiltration Team (Nov. '68)
The US Military Provided Air Support and Combat Cameraman
Find Out What Happened and See the Video Here
  Our sponsor: "American Trophies," the acclaimed book on US POWs in North Korea
Previously Secret '59 Army Intel Report on NK Infiltration Tactics
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